Originally called Iria, thanks to its geographical position, in the Roman era was an important commercial centre which Julius Caesar chose as a market. It later became a route of passage for the pilgrims headed from France to Rome and the Holy Land (along the Via Francigena). Ravaged by barbaric invasions, at the end of the 6th century it went back to being a village under the name of Vicus (village) and then Viqueria. In 572, it fell under the rule of the Lombard Kingdom until 774 when it passed under the reign of Charles the Great. It was controlled by the Visconti and then the Sforza family and then under foreign rule (Spanish, French and Austrian). It is the heart of the Oltrepò Pavese area, an important railroad link and famous for its wines and vineyards.
Alla scoperta del territorio
Exploring the Area: VOGHERA | OLTREPÒ
Arte, storia e cultura
Tempo libero e itinerari
Alla scoperta del territorio
I comuni paesi
Duomo di Voghera
Castello di Voghera

Exploring the Area
Pavia | Pavese

Ponte Coperto Bridge
Church of San Michele Maggiore
Church of San Teodoro
The Regisole Statue
Cathedral of Pavia
Piazza della Vittoria
The Broletto
The Medieval Towers
Crypt of Sant’Eusebio
Church of Santa Maria del Carmine
Church of San Pietro in Ciel d’Oro
The Visconteo Castle
The Mezzabarba Building
San Francesco Church
The University
Ghislieri College
Borromeo College
Cairoli College
The Fraschini Theatre

The Certosa of Pavia

Exploring the Area
Voghera | Oltrepò

The Duomo
The Visconteo Castle
Church of Santi Ilario e Giorgio

Castle of Oramala
Castle of Nazzano
Castle of Cigognola
Castle of Montalto Pavese
Castle of Montesegale
Castle of Zavattarello


Exploring the Area
Vigevano | Lomellina

Piazza Ducale
The Castle
The Cathedral

Castle of Scaldasole
Castle of Lomello
Castle of Cozzo
Castle of Sartirana
Castle of Frascarolo

Piazza Ducale di Vigevano